Green Tea


Green Tea is the most popular type of tea. Green tea is unfermented. When Green tea is manufactured , it is not allowed to oxidize .The leaves are dried and heat-treated soon after they're picked, which stops the fermentation process .This process retains the polyphenols and the flavonoid which make drinking Green Tea a beneficial option. Green tea contains minerals (iron, sodium, potassium) and an assortment of vitamins (carotene, A, D, B1, B2, C). Green tea has a more subtle, delicate flavour, and far less caffeine than fermented tea.

Green teas should be enjoyed in their pure form, without milk or sugar. ESTOFA International offers Green tea from World famous Assam & Darjeeling tea Estates.

Green Tea- Types & Grades
Kind oftea Grade Name Nomenclature
Whole leaf YH Young hison
  FYH Fine Young hison
Broken GP Gun Powder
  H Hison
  FH Fine Hison
Fanning Soumee Soumee
Dust Dust Dust Orange fanning