About Us

ESTOFA is a spanish word signifying quality & class. ESTOFA International is created to provide class leading containment.

ESTOFA International is established with the resolution that its reputation must be based on the quality of its product & customer satisfaction. We believe only the best is expectable. So, we are in a quest for Top class quality. Quality is the hallmark of our business & one of the intrinsic value of the products we provide. All our products are eco-friendly. We mainly deal with black tea, green tea & hand loom(Hand-woven) products. Every product is carefully selected and examined to ensure high quality standards. We assure best in class & quality.

Business Philosophy


Simplicity is our path to sustainability, cooperation and fairness that seeks a future of mutually assured development for the people.


Staying true to who we are, what we do and who we serve. We believe that our product & service will give people an experience that is more honest & transparent &more authentic.

High Quality

Quality is the hallmark of our business & one of the intrinsic values of the products we provide.

Environment Concern

Product in ESTOFA international is a gift of nature .Our environment concern enforces us to touch the earth more lightly and reduce ecological impact. It encourages us to connect with nature, the seasons, and the cosmos .By going eco friendly, ESTOFA international feels a deep reverence for the community of life on earth. ESTOFA international looks at ways in which We can operate in an eco-friendly way and still remain profitable